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Beard Balm
Looking for a suitable and sustainable beard balm that's made of CBD? We're happy to offer you our top-quality Beard Balm. Use it to condition facial hair in best way!
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CBD Honey Bears
Do not feed to infants or children under 2. Bee pollen boost immunity to seasonal allergies. Honey and Pollen comes from Southern Massachusetts.
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We are dedicated to supplying our loyal customers with complete satisfaction when shopping with us. That is why our products are at the highest quality for the lowest prices imaginable.

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TFrom Our Customers


"I had two herniated disk from a car accident. Moving around was painful and not realistic to go back to work. After months of taking prescribed medication and over the counter medication, nothing worked. I decided to try the CBD pain oil and within a few days I was able to move around and get back to work."

Amelia Rampersad

" My hair is very long and thick and gets oily with lots of scalp build up. After only one wash I felt a major difference in the cleanliness of my hair without striping my natural oils."

Kaila Piazza

"I typically like eve after I wash my hair, I kind of have signs of dandruff and I can tell you this is the first time that I've used a product where there was minimal signs of dandruff or dry scalp after wash and blow drying my hair. This is a first and that is well needed."

Los Angeles, CA

I have grey have and its tough to work with. I had a bald spot in the middle of my head. I didn't think it would ever grow back. After a month or so of using the hair grow, hair is growing where there was none! I take it with my to the salon along with the shampoo and conditioner and ask my stylist to use it.

Patricia Cooke

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